Holy Lantern 2018

🌙Holy Lantern 2018 Limited Pre-Order🌙

Holy Lantern is back with all NEW color way!!!
Limited Pre-Order will start today 7/31/18 until 8/5/18 7PM PST🎶
New Colorway: OrangeLight WineGreenGrey
This new color way is currently exclusive to Laforet Main Branch & San Francisco branch!!
Delivery is estimated Late Feb 2019.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get the new colorway Holy Lantern piece❤️

Angelic Pretty USA Presents Summer Mini Party 2018!

It’s time for another event! We hoped that you all enjoyed our last party~
This time we’ll be hosting a mini summer party at Angelic Pretty USA shop!

**Ticket** $20 Party Ticket. Can be purchased instore at San Francisco branch or online www.angelicpretty-usa.com. Must Purchase items over $25 to qualify for a $20 ticket.

**Date&Time** July 22, 2018 (Sunday) 11:30PM~2:30PM

**Location** At the Angelic Pretty USA store.

**Tea Party Content** There will be snacks, games and prizes to win!

**Dress Code** Please wear any of the Angelic Pretty or Harajuku Hearts collections.

*Physical tickets will not be mailed out.
*Will receive confirmation email two weeks prior to event.

See you there!