Fancy Candy

🍬🍬Fancy Candy Release🍬🍬
Fancy Candy Series will be released online tomorrow, 3/22/19 (Fri) at 12pm noon🎢
Colorways: White, Dark Pink, Sax & Black

Strawberry Doll

πŸ“πŸ“Strawberry Doll ReleaseπŸ“πŸ“
Strawberry Doll series will be launching online tomorrow, 3/15/19 (Fri) 12pm noon✨
Colorway: White, Pink & Black
*This release is NOT a Made to Order. Item(s) will be shipped out from San Francisco branch after 3/22/19~.

Chocolate Rosette MTO

🍫🍫Chocolate Rosette Made to Order🍫🍫
Chocolate Rosette MTO will take place 3/5/19~3/7/19❀️

✨Chocolate Rosette Jumperskirt $295
✨Chocolate Rosette Salopette $239
✨Chocolate Rosette Headbow $39
✨Chocolate Rosette Over Knee Socks $26

Colorway: Beige, Wine, Green & Navy
OTK Colorway: Ivory, Wine & Navy

*Delivery Time May 2020~
*MTO order will not qualify for free shipping promotion

Flower Egg Garden

🌷🌷Flower Egg Garden Release🌷🌷
Flower Egg Garden series will be launching tomorrow, 3/1/19 (Fri) at noon 12pm PST🎢
Colorway: White, Pink & Lavender
Matching socks and bag will be releasing too❀️