Milkshake Series Release & MTO

🎀🎀Milkshake Series🎀🎀
We will be launching the Milkshake Series tomorrow, 6/18/19 (Tue) at noon 12PM PST🎶
Tomorrow’s launch will be a bit unique. We will be launching the regular release of Milkshake series and MTO Reservation for Milkshake Series at the SAME time. There will be two separate categories for regular release and MTO reservation so please becareful when ordering❤️

**Items purchased from the regular release will be shipped out/available for in-store pick up after 6/20/19(Thur)**
**Estimated delivery date for MTO batch is Jan 2020**

Honey Cake MTO

✨🥞🍯Made to Order for Honey Cake Series🍯🥞✨

Pre-Order for Honey Cake Series MTO will start 6/7/19 (Fri) 8PM PST ~ 6/10/19 (Mon)🎶🎶🎶

**Fabric, color and dress cut is different from original Honey Cake release**

Chocolate Rosette MTO

🍫🍫Chocolate Rosette Made to Order🍫🍫
Chocolate Rosette MTO will take place 3/5/19~3/7/19❤️

Chocolate Rosette Jumperskirt $295
Chocolate Rosette Salopette $239
Chocolate Rosette Headbow $39
Chocolate Rosette Over Knee Socks $26

Colorway: Beige, Wine, Green & Navy
OTK Colorway: Ivory, Wine & Navy

*Delivery Time May 2020~
*MTO order will not qualify for free shipping promotion

Shanghai Doll Series MTO

Shanghai Doll Series Made to Order reservation will take place from 1/31/19 (Thur) ~ 2/2/19 (Sat)✨✨✨ *Expected delivery time for Shanghai Doll Dress Set is July 2019 *Expected delivery time for Shanghai Doll One Piece and Canotier is May 2020.

🎀Shanghai Doll Dress Set🎀

Colorway: Sax x Pink      Price:$615


🎀Shanghai Doll One Piece🎀

Colorway: Ivory, Pink, Sax and Black      Price:$375


🎀Shanghai Doll Canotier🎀


Colorway: Ivory, Pink, Sax and Black      Price:$55